Magravs car in a Nissan Leaf one month: No change

June 2016: It has been about one month, since I connected the Magravs car unit to the car battery of my Nissan Leaf.

In the morning, after I have charged my Leaf overnight, it usually states that I have about 104km range. I live on top of the mountain at 800 meters, so when I drive down, usually the charge is still 100%, but the range states 153km. (This is because the leaf looks at your driving history and estimates, it can get a range of 150km, based on the past few kilometers driven.
In fact, my actual range in the city, is about 60-80 km. Fortunately there are a lot of Nissan dealers, where you can charge for free and top up to 80% in 30 minutes, with free coffee.


I purchased my Nissan Leaf about half a year ago with 10,000km driven. Now it is almost 17000km.

On the right of the display you notice that with a full charge i.e. 12 bars, the outer line displays one point less than the inner bars, so only 11. This means that the battery can not hold the full charge anymore, but only 11 out of 12.

Well, one month of installing the Magravs did not make any difference. I will get back in a month or two, or when I notice any difference.

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