HomeBiogas: A Biogas System That Turns Food Waste into Energy

Just stumbled upon this interesting technology.
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Picture of HomeBioGas System

By Anna Scanlon, contributor for NaturalSociety.com

An Israeli company, HomeBioGas, has created a portable machine that turns food waste into renewable energy for cooking or electricity, and its byproduct can even be used as plant fertilizer. [1]

HomeBiogas – Turn Your Waste into Energy

The machine, which is temporarily available for $995, is part of an initiative to help create more sustainable energy as well as provide electricity and gas for cooking in parts of the world where it is spotty or lacking. The machine is also portable, and can be easily packed up and moved, which makes it a fantastic invention for those without a permanent home looking to provide electricity and gas to temporary shelters.

It differs from other compost in that it not only accepts plants, but also meat, dairy, fats, oils, and even used kitty litter. The machine will compost it and release biogas to the tune of about 6 kilowatt hours of energy. This gives individuals using the HomeBioGas enough gas for about three hours of cooking.

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