Admitting to stupidity

Would you agree in general, that the majority of the people would have difficulty to admit that they have been stupid?

This is why the scientific consensus will never change. No matter how wrong they are.

An egyptologist will never admit that the pyramids were never built by the egyptians, yet there is no hieroglyphic text about the building or construction and the biggest pyramid on this planet is in Bosnia. The pyramids were mainly built before the great flood by different humanoids with a different state of development.

A Physics scientist will admit that they can only explain 4% of the universe, and will advocate that they are still looking for the other 96% (Which they call dark matter, black hole, dark energy, etc). In order to tally the theory of Black Holes, Einstein had to divide matter by zero two times in his theory. If we do at school that we are told off. You can never divide by zero and anything derived from it is bullshit. If you tell them they have made a vital but simple flaw in their thinking in the early stages of established physics and the universe is controlled by electricity and not by gravity, they will vehemently attack you. You can learn more about the Electric Universe theory, which explains 99% of the universe.

That is why an economist will never admit that the problem is inherently and deliberately created by the money creation which is in the hands of a few private individuals. What the economists have learned is that money is created by the government and central banks, but they never see the consequences that it is created as a perpetual debt, which is making the situation worse every second that the system is held place.

A Darwinist will never admit that the missing link has not been found (and never will be found, because it is a whole load of crap).They will ignore all the findings contradicting Darwinism and twist the existing evidence to suit the theory. They will hide an destroy any evidence that contradicts their mythical theory.

Image result for atacama desert humanoid
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Which monkeys did these humanoid descend from?

Negative numbers
If you tell a mathematician that negative numbers do not exist, he will proclaim you are stupid. There is no negative in the universe. There is absolute 0 and anything above zero. A negative number is just a fiction of the warped mind, created by putting the perception upside down. If you have 10 apples and you take 3 away, you have 7 left. If you have 3 apples and you take 10 away, you are insane. It can not be done in this universe, but it is a great way of controlling people, because if insanity becomes the norm, then truth is perceived as insane. And that is how they create the debt and slavery system we are living in.

In order to understand the world we live in, you have to understand who controls the information.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of people who are waking up to reality. You are never too old to learn.
Seeing through the deception and chaos will show the light.