Money is like shit

Actually, I came up with this idea quite a while ago, so perhaps good to post it.

Money is like shit.
The more you eat, the more you shit.
But you do not eat in order to shit.
You eat in order to nurture yourself.

Too much shit smells repugnant
You can use the shit to fertilize the land
But unless you are in the shit business, your aim should not be producing shit.

Only fools work for shit.
Smart people conjure the shit out of thin air, and let the the fools work for it.

Time to wake up.
Do not let the shit control this world.
We don’t have to use their shit in order to feed ourselves
We don’t have to use their shit to create what we need
We don’t have to use their shit to to be happy
If we refuse to use their shit, the world can live in peace.

Wake up, don’t work for their shit, so they can control us.
Working for shit is pure slavery, because it is conjured out of nothing, it is brought in circulation as a debt, so we are forced to work for it all our lives, to return the shit to the conjurers.

We should produce our own fertilizer and thrive.
Without their shit, we can become truly human again.

No more shit.