Admitting to stupidity

Would you agree in general, that the majority of the people would have difficulty to admit that they have been stupid?

This is why the scientific consensus will never change. No matter how wrong they are.

An egyptologist will never admit that the pyramids were never built by the egyptians, yet there is no hieroglyphic text about the building or construction and the biggest pyramid on this planet is in Bosnia. The pyramids were mainly built before the great flood by different humanoids with a different state of development.

A Physics scientist will admit that they can only explain 4% of the universe, and will advocate that they are still looking for the other 96% (Which they call dark matter, black hole, dark energy, etc). In order to tally the theory of Black Holes, Einstein had to divide matter by zero two times in his theory. If we do at school that we are told off. You can never divide by zero and anything derived from it is bullshit. If you tell them they have made a vital but simple flaw in their thinking in the early stages of established physics and the universe is controlled by electricity and not by gravity, they will vehemently attack you. You can learn more about the Electric Universe theory, which explains 99% of the universe.

That is why an economist will never admit that the problem is inherently and deliberately created by the money creation which is in the hands of a few private individuals. What the economists have learned is that money is created by the government and central banks, but they never see the consequences that it is created as a perpetual debt, which is making the situation worse every second that the system is held place.

A Darwinist will never admit that the missing link has not been found (and never will be found, because it is a whole load of crap).They will ignore all the findings contradicting Darwinism and twist the existing evidence to suit the theory. They will hide an destroy any evidence that contradicts their mythical theory.

Image result for atacama desert humanoid
Image result for elongated skullsImage result for elongated skulls
Which monkeys did these humanoid descend from?

Negative numbers
If you tell a mathematician that negative numbers do not exist, he will proclaim you are stupid. There is no negative in the universe. There is absolute 0 and anything above zero. A negative number is just a fiction of the warped mind, created by putting the perception upside down. If you have 10 apples and you take 3 away, you have 7 left. If you have 3 apples and you take 10 away, you are insane. It can not be done in this universe, but it is a great way of controlling people, because if insanity becomes the norm, then truth is perceived as insane. And that is how they create the debt and slavery system we are living in.

In order to understand the world we live in, you have to understand who controls the information.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of people who are waking up to reality. You are never too old to learn.
Seeing through the deception and chaos will show the light.

Keshe Foundation launches Magravs-Power Plasma Generator

I have not even gotten any verification that my Magrav Power yields any energy savings. In the mean time Keshe is launching a new Plasma Generator.

This is the OFF-GRID Magravs-Power Plasma Generator!

Magravs-Power Plasma Generators are now on sale as per the 118th Knowledge Seeker Workshop.

The system was shown powering multiple appliances with no support from the main power grid of the house. It was advised, during the workshop, that the systems have a maximum output of 3 KW. It is not within warranty to go beyond the maximum, however, independent testing is encouraged.

More information can be found on the 118th Knowledge seekers workshop, and provided when more information is available via this page.

The offered version is CE certified. 2 Years Warranty.
Choose your plug type in the drop down menu below.

The product is shipped within 90 DAYS from the PAYMENT confirmation.
*Actual products may differ in appearance to images shown


(plus shipping & taxes)

It is definitely not cheap. If you calculate that the tax must be 20% and shipping on top of that the price comes to € 2,274.80
It is supposed to be running without a power source. Here is Mehran Keshe explaining it in a video.

Magravs car in a Nissan Leaf one month: No change

June 2016: It has been about one month, since I connected the Magravs car unit to the car battery of my Nissan Leaf.

In the morning, after I have charged my Leaf overnight, it usually states that I have about 104km range. I live on top of the mountain at 800 meters, so when I drive down, usually the charge is still 100%, but the range states 153km. (This is because the leaf looks at your driving history and estimates, it can get a range of 150km, based on the past few kilometers driven.
In fact, my actual range in the city, is about 60-80 km. Fortunately there are a lot of Nissan dealers, where you can charge for free and top up to 80% in 30 minutes, with free coffee.


I purchased my Nissan Leaf about half a year ago with 10,000km driven. Now it is almost 17000km.

On the right of the display you notice that with a full charge i.e. 12 bars, the outer line displays one point less than the inner bars, so only 11. This means that the battery can not hold the full charge anymore, but only 11 out of 12.

Well, one month of installing the Magravs did not make any difference. I will get back in a month or two, or when I notice any difference.

Installing Magravs car in a Nissan Leaf

Although the Keshe Foundation does not yet provide the Magravs car for electric cars, I thought, I just try it out.

The best way to install the Magravs unit is to connect the positive wire directly to the car battery and the negative wire of the Magrav to the body of your car in the back of your car, e.g. the car lock of your boot.
In this way, there will be a “Magrav Electric Field” that from the front of the car, all the way to the back.

Hard wiring of the Magrav
Hard wiring of the Magrav

I had a look at my Leaf to find a way to run a wire from the front to the back. It would be possible, to unscrew the bottom plastic cover and run the wire under this cover, but I didn’t have the tools at hand, so I opted for a simple solution to start with.

I bought a car jump starter cable for about $10.

I connected the clamps to my Magrav Car Unit.


I could cut of the rest of the jump starter cable and just use the clamps, but I left the cable as it was.


So I clamped the plus cable directly to the battery
And the minus to the body of the car (see left bottom of the picture)


Running the car, it feels a bit smoother, but most likely that is imagination.

I have been running with this for a few days, but except for “smoother” feeling, the electricity depletion at the end of the day remains the same.

Of course, I will need to run with the Magrav connected for at least a month or two, before it will take effect according to the Keshe Foundation.

So, let’s wait and see…


Condition Magravs home unit

So, it is time to start conditioning my Magravs home unit, by plugging it into the mains.

Some people ask “Why can’t the Magravs be conditioned in the factory”. But actually, you are not conditioning the unit itself, but the wires in your house.

Just like bringing home a new puppy, we need to train the Magravs Power Unit to satisfy our energy needs, as well as to train ourselves to understand the system. This is not simply plug and play. It is plug and interplay – YOU are 1part of the whole connection! It is time for Humanity to reconnect with the energetic plasma world!

Therefore, it is crucial to nano-coat all wires in the household in a gradual and systematic manner through the Magravs Power Unit.

It is important to remember that once the Magravs Power Unit is connected and turned on, do not turn off or unplug the unit from that point onwards. It MUST keep running continuously in order for it to work effectively.

Once you have connected your Magravs Power Unit to your household socket, turn on the switch on the socket and leave the Magravs Power Unit to condition itself to electricity in the household for 3 days (Day 1 – Day 3).

1. It is important that no load be connected to the Magravs Power Unit at this time. The Magravs Power Unit will be nano-coating the wires around the socket at this time and settling into its environment.

2. Failure to follow this step may cause the unit to be rendered inoperative and therefore fall outside the scope of manufacturer’s warranty.

The plugs had to be removed, since I can not find these plugs here in the shops, to create a converter cable.


Then I connected my own plug and plugged it into the wall.


First you have to run it without a load, then after a few days, you can add a non-resistive load of maximum 20W.


Magravs Power Home unit

The second Magravs Power unit, I purchased is the Home Power Unit. Magravs_Power_Home

It comes with Swiss Electric Plugs. It would be more logical if the units were shipped with standard European plugs, or British plugs. There is a printed manual included, but I found a more up to date manual on the Keshe Foundation site.


The plugs are marked manually with a marker pen, which is supposed to be the “live” or “hot” wire. This can be measured with the enclosed phase meter


I measured the electricity from the socket. The left wire is  “live” and the right wire does not give any indication.

“Live” Electricity wire on the right
Non “Live” electricity wire on the left

According to the manual, it is important to leave the polarisation of the Magrav Power Unit and the connected devices always the same, in order to make sure that the nano particle coating will be consistent.

Now, I will need to change the connectors on my Magravs Power Unit and start conditioning the wiring in my home. Apparently it will take several weeks before you will see some results in power saving.

Can I connect the Magravs Car Unit to my electric car (Tesla, Nissan Leaf, etc.)?

I was just searching around and found an FAQ page of the Keshe Foundation:

Can I connect the Magravs Car Unit to my electric car (Tesla, Nissan Leaf, etc.)?

Monday 25th of April 2016

When one of the first power systems was developed, it was done to interface with an electric scooter and maintain the batteries so that no further recharging was required.
However, since then, the home and (petrol/diesel)car units have taken priority and we are not able to say if the Magravs Car Unit will function as you expect it to in an electric car. It might, but at this time, it cannot be confirmed.
In time to come, a unit OR instructions specifically for electric vehicles should be released. It would be advisable to wait until then.

That does not sound very promising…


How to connect Magravs to a Nissan Leaf?

I posted a question on the Keshe Foundation Forum.
The forum is not very busy. If you look aat the statistics:

There are currently 31 users online. 2 members and 29 guests.

Most users ever online was 54 at 12:42 AM on 04-25-2016.
Maruchan, Sam I Am

I posted the following question

I have a Nissan Leaf and a Magravs Car Power Unit. I would like to connect it with a straight connection. In the manual it states that you have to connect it to the Manifold, but Leaf is electric. Where is the best way to connect the – connector?

Let’s see how fast, I get a response.

Magravs Power on Nissan Leaf

I bought a second hand Nissan Leaf about December last year. I live on top of an 800 meter high mountain and if I am lucky, I can drive downtown and back two times without charging. Downtown is about 8km away, so that is 32km. Recently I drove to the airport, which is about 50km away, when I reached there, I had only 8km of electricity left in the battery, so I had to find a Nissan Leaf Magravcharging station. Fortunately there are a lot of free Nissan charging points, so I had my free electricity and free coffee, and within 30 minutes charging, I could drive back to the city where I live.

So, now I want to put my Magravs Power in my Leaf.Nissan Leaf Magrav 2

I noticed there is some space behind the battery

Nissan_Leaf Battery
Nissan Leaf car battery

So, I managed to wriggle the Magravs Car Power into the space behind the battery.


Nissan Leaf placement of Magrav
Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf placement of Magrav

There are two ways to connect the Magravs Car Power to the car.

  • One is to connect is simply to the cigarette lighter, but the manual states:

Please note that this method may not be as effective as hard-wiring the Magravs Car Unit to your vehicle

  • The second option is hard wiring
    Hard wiring of the Magrav
    Hard wiring of the Magrav

    The question is: “Where to connect the intake Manifold Grounding Point?”
    Leaf is an electric car, so there is no Manifold.

I found a Forum on the Keshe Foundation website, with 14 discussion entries on the Magravs Car Unit.

I have signed up for the Forum, but so far my entry is not approved.

Magravs Car Power

I ordered two Magrav units, one Magravs Car Power and on Magrav Home Power.


The Magravs Car Power comes as a blue box with two cables, which is supposed to be connected to the car battery. There is a 6 page manual included.


I have put the scanned files into one PDF document for those who are interested in reading it

Magravs Car Power Manuals 22-06-46

Apparently, the Magravs do not work just out of the box, but need to be conditioned. For the car unit, it seems to be quite straightforward, simply connect the two wires to your car battery and leave it there. As a result, the wiring of your car will be nano coated and the car is supposed to be running more efficiently.

There is a warning in the manual:

Please read ALL the instructions below before connecting your Magravs Power Unit to your household socket. Exceeding the recommended loads at EACH stage during the conditioning period may cause the unit to be rendered inoperative and therefore fall outside the scope of manufacturer’s warranty.

So, I will start reading now and make sure, I understand everything, before I lose the manufacturer’s warranty.